Red 2016 Chile Home Football Top Replica

The Ranking of Chile National Team

On June 2, 2016, FIFA published a list involving rankings of various national football team, unveiling the first position of Argentina and second position of Belgium national football team. China national football team for men took the 81st place, which is same with its rankings in last season. According to this list, we found that Chile national football team took the fifth place among all national football teams in the world, after the first four national football teams – Argentina, Belgium, Colombia and Germany. The Chile national football team also defeated these four national football teams in the Copa America.

Why Chile National Football Team So Strong in Football Field

At the 2014 FIFA World Cup, as the lowest football team, average stature 176 cm, the Chile national football team have won great achievements in football games. Although their average stature is lower than Japan’s 178 cm. The average stature of Spain national football team is only 179 cm. Even Spain national football team would like to won a goal by a header, which could prove the poor advantages of Chile national football team in stature. The coach of Chile side is not good at some difficulty action. The only way for Chile out is to attack, attack and attack. In the end, they defeated Spain national football team, which retained title of the competition in previous football games.

In 2016, footballers put on the red 2016 Chile home football shirt when playing many football games. At present, I would like to introduce the red home Chile football shirt for all visitors. Before official introduction for the predominately red shirt, main characteristics of the shirt is as follows:

Red main color

V-shaped collar

White and blue accents

White Nike Swoosh

Blue and white team crest

Words “La Roja” on back collar

Raglan sleeve

100% polyester

Red was taken as the main color of the Chile home football kits from the 1940s. In general, the red jersey is grouped with blue shorts and white socks. Nevertheless, Nike added some colorful accents to the shirt and shorts for numerous football kits. So, the noticeable red Chile home shirt is grouped with red shorts and blue football socks. Against the predominately red background, the V-shaped collar is outlined by blue stripes and both sides of the shirt are flanked by dark blue stripes.

Raglan sleeves take the position of traditional seams on shoulders, providing a more comfortable football shirt to wearers. The mainly blue and white team crest and white Nike Swoosh are printed on left chest and right chest respectively. In addition, Words “La Roja” are printed on back collar, showing respects to its history and honor. Featuring a red V-shaped collar, designers aim at providing a comfortable jersey for everyday life. Besides, it’s a perfect shirt to show support to your favorite football teams on stands of stadiums or in front of TV. Do not miss the great chance to get the most cost-effective products.

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