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Product Touch and Consumers’ Online and Offline Buying: The Role of Mental Representation

文章来源: 作者:柳武妹 审核: 发布时间:2017年09月11日 点击数: 次 字号:【

??????? 题目: Product Touch and Consumers’ Online and Offline Buying: The Role of Mental Representation

?????? ?作者:

Wumei Liu(兰州大学/ Lanzhou University)

Rajeev Batra(密歇根大学/University of Michigan)

Haizhogn Wang(中山大学/Sun Yat-Sen University)

?????? ?期刊:

Journal of Retailing(影响因子:3.772)

Volume 93, Issue 3, September 2017, Pages 369-381

?????? ?英文摘要:

As offline retailers struggle to compete with online ones, the importance of a consumer’s ability to touch a product prior to purchase becomes important to study. Prior research has found inconsistent results on whether product touch facilitates consumers’ product-related decision making.Some studies report a positive effect, whereas others do not. The current research reconciles this inconsistency and draws retailing implications.Across three experiments, we show that the effect of product touch on consumers’ purchase intentions and willingness to pay for a product being evaluated is evident when consumers’ mental representation of the product is concrete, but not when abstract. We further show that perceive drisk and perceived ownership simultaneously mediate this moderating effect of mental representation. Implications are drawn for both offline and online retailers.

??????? 中文摘要: